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"It was London around 1980. Punk rock was on a slow decline, gradually being replaced by the emerging New Romantic movement and its young advocators. They adored David Bowie, exercised as much ingenuity as possible in costumes and makeup, and gathered at the Blitz club in Covent Garden every Thursday night. The press eventually came to call them the “Blitz Kids”. Most of them were youngsters attending art school or hoping to become musicians or designers. If punk rock was an aggressive form of expression for social rebellion, Blitz Kids were aiming to express their own world view and statements in a nuance that was different from punk. There was an artistic, pop, and sophisticated feeling to their expression. In the early days of the movement, they did not make themselves known to the wider public, instead gathering at the Blitz in secret.


I still relish the fortune I had to witness London as it was back then as a photographer. I have inserted scenic photographs of the same era from page to page. I hope you can feel the atmosphere of London at the time"

  • W22 x h23 cm
  • 48 Pages
  • 41 Images(color)
  • Soft cover(hand-sewn)
  • Full color Offset
  • Limited edition of 1000
  • Published in 2021 


Herbie Yamaguchi / The Blitz Kids


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