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For a period of time the Greenlandic photographer Inuuteq Storch lived in New York City. Here he found himself spiritually at home but homesick in his body. Growing up in a place, where nature dominates everything, his body, unlike his soul, missed being close to nature. Those feelings together created a very specific way of looking at his surroundings. He started finding images that represented familiarity in this unfamiliar place.

  • OTA bound paperback with silver print fold out cover
  • ISBN 978-87-970520-2-0
  • 21,5 × 28cm
  • 72 color photographs
  • Epilogue by Morten Bo
  • Language: Greenlandic, Danish and English
  • 128 pages
  • Edition of 500
  • Printed in Denmark by Narayana Press
  • Published August 2019

Inuuteq Storch / Flesh